Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Legal Notice: Attention Steven Gagnon

Attention: Steven Gagnon 

Address: 725 7th Street, Apartment #7, Santa Monica, California 90402

As per the legal documents you were served with, you are reminded you are to attend a Deposition Duces Tuecem in Aid of Execution on behalf of Gravity Entertainment, Inc., a Florida corporation as corporate representative.

We would like to thank our special team we call the "League of Justice" for locating Mr. Gagnon from hiding to serve him with legal documents so that justice may be done. Mr. Gagnon was almost as tough to find as D.B. Cooper.

 The deposition is set for November 19, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in Broward County, Florida

Since you read the Blog daily, this posting shall serve as a reminder of your deposition and the 42 different document requests which you will need to bring with you to the deposition. If you happen to lose these pleadings you were served with, you are welcome to e-mail us at lambertwatch@hotmail.com and a copy will be provided to you.

This would deal with a recent judgment filed against Gravity Entertainment on July 16, 2012 for $400,000.00

Also if you are in town, your company, Gravity Entertainment has a lien against them for $1,070.00 with the Florida Department of Revenue in Broward County, Florida on December 27, 2012. Perhaps you would like to pay that as well as paying your other judgments and tax liens.

Please make sure to show up to your deposition as your failure to attend may place you in contempt of Court to which the Judge may place you in jail. If you need to recall what jail was like, please refer to:


We wish you the best of luck in the deposition.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fresh From The Federal Courthouse: The Freddie Marshall Carson Transcript

Click Here to Read the May 8, 2013 Transcript

Just released this week.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gagnon and the 310

The 310 is greater Los Angles Area which is the area code of the cell phone number for Steve Gagnon.
We have received more information about Steve Gagnon and his location than we did when we forwarded Freddie Marshall Carson's information to the Feds so they could pick him up in Indiana. There are process servers looking to find Mr. Gagnon to serve him legal papers of which Mr. Gagnon has been avoiding on purpose. He is using addresses at locations he does not live and putting cell phones in his wife's name to hide from creditors. The only way we can bring him to justice through the legal system is to help these process servers get Steven Gagnon served.
Thank you for the tips and keep them coming as we are now compiling more information to forward to the Feds.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Update on Steve Gagnon

We have emails from people who will remain anonymous that he is a part of another big bond deal where there will be money coming tomorrow.
He claims to be a consultant on these deals and not a beneficiary
How this will pay back the victims is beyond us but there are legal papers
waiting for him which we want to make sure he receives
Please keep the tips coming in

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hunt For Steven Gagnon

It's a hot summer..
We have received several emails from attorneys and the like looking to find Steven Gagnon
He is believed to be in California but the addresses he uses are fakes and there are legal papers waiting for him to be served
As the blog was able to reveal where Marshall Carson was hiding so the Feds could pick him up in hiding in Indiana we are counting on the same blog readers to reel this fish in.
Perhaps someone who is waiting on money from his latest deal he is working on who is tired of hearing the money is coming tomorrow 
Help victims give Steve Gagnon the justice he deserves by helping get him served with legal documents so he can be held accountable for his conduct
As with the people who turned Carson in your emails will also be held confidential

Email lambertwatch@gmail.com

Monday, July 15, 2013

Disbarred Ross K Moore Gets a Federal Indictment

Somewhere along the way, the term "No Moral Compass" appears to label Ross Moore, Stephane Lambert, Dirk Coetzer, Anthony Tony Venturoso,  Steven Gagnon, Marshall Carson and David Baker. The list goes on an on, these individuals couldn't care one bit about the millions of dollars people have put into these scams and they always have someone else to blame or an excuse for why the money is missing.

Ross Moore is the next individual attempting to become a convicted felon. If you look at the Indictment which is attached in our opinion this Utah Disbarred Attorney failed at a creative attempt to ripoff a bank for less than $10,000.00

We are also attaching an Order which Ross Moore is now claiming he has mental issues.

Click Below To Read:

The Ross K Moore Federal Indictment

Moore Trial Order

E-Mail from Bob Camacho about the Carson Money

Here is a 2 year old E-Mail from Robert F. Bob Camacho, CPA advising the victims the funds are on their way. Thanks to the Blog reader who forwarded this email to us.
So Says Kevin


As you know, the funds did not arrive into the Escrow Account as expected. However, I was informed at 10:54 am of the 20th via telephone conversation that the Banker (sending the SIZABLE funds) made contact and verbally stated that the Wire had gone out on Friday. We were supposed to receive the actual tracking documents later in the day, but as of Saturday at 1:20pm, I have not personally seen them. So far, the group (bankers, et al) producing ‘the proof of funds’ and ‘the pre-advices’ have done so relatively close to the schedules set forth. That is why we expected funds on time. As it turns out, I understand there were a few bank to bank issues to rectify. I was not privy to those conversations. I was informed after the fact.

Anyway, according to my banker, the funds should post no later than Tuesday, if indeed the wire went out Friday. I should see proof of ‘wire out’ on Monday.

Sorry for the inconveniences related to these few days of delay. Our expectation is funds within a few days. I will send out another e-mail within 15 minutes of viewing ‘the tracking confirmation document’ which shows wire-out and wire-in details of funds to be received into my Escrow account.

Most Sincerely,

Robert F. (Bob) Camacho, CPA
Managing Director
Integrity CPA Services
330 Franklin Road, Suite 135A-388
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
(615) 221-0083 Bus.
(888) 770-3202 Fax.
(615) 533-2574 Cell

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Legal Documents Anthony Venturoso aka Tony Venturoso Doesn't Want You To See

We have posted these documents which are public records about Anthony Venturoso also known as Tony Venturoso for everyone to see.

Please click the links to see actual copies of these documents.

Click Here to See the Anthony Venturoso Bankruptcy Filing

Click Here To See Oklahoma-Lawsuit-Against-Anthony-Venturoso

So Says Kevin

...And what does Tony Venturoso say?