Friday, June 7, 2013

The Legal Documents Anthony Venturoso aka Tony Venturoso Doesn't Want You To See

We have posted these documents which are public records about Anthony Venturoso also known as Tony Venturoso for everyone to see.

Please click the links to see actual copies of these documents.

Click Here to See the Anthony Venturoso Bankruptcy Filing

Click Here To See Oklahoma-Lawsuit-Against-Anthony-Venturoso

So Says Kevin

...And what does Tony Venturoso say?


Anonymous said...

They are both (Tony and Marshall) nothing more than lairs and thieves. Marshall stole from the retirement accounts of church people he connected with. May they both rot in Hell. Maybe Marshall can find another little white gal to hang out with once he gets out. Why not, Trina will welcome him home...

Anonymous said...

Grateful that you guys are still pressing for all these people to see justice. Venturoso is next, and I'm sure he knows it. His track record of legal troubles only further complicates his situation, and when the authorities finally sift through the mountain of rubble that is his dealings with and for Marshall Carson, he too will be paying for his crimes. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

MTPprods said...

Hey- please contact me- I was a victim of Marshall and Tony's and hope to join the group and help out in any way I can

MTPprods said...

Hi, I am a victim of Marshall and Tony's as well- please add me to a mailing list and if there's a group outside of this I'd love to help out in any way I can

MTPprods said...

Also- Bob Camacho of "Integrity CPA" needs to be put away too- I didn't see him mentioned here and he was helping Marshall with his lies:

As you know, the funds did not arrive into the Escrow Account as expected. However, I was informed at 10:54 am of the 20th via telephone conversation that the Banker (sending the SIZABLE funds) made contact and verbally stated that the Wire had gone out on Friday. We were supposed to receive the actual tracking documents later in the day, but as of Saturday at 1:20pm, I have not personally seen them. So far, the group (bankers, et al) producing ‘the proof of funds’ and ‘the pre-advices’ have done so relatively close to the schedules set forth. That is why we expected funds on time. As it turns out, I understand there were a few bank to bank issues to rectify. I was not privy to those conversations. I was informed after the fact.

Anyway, according to my banker, the funds should post no later than Tuesday, if indeed the wire went out Friday. I should see proof of ‘wire out’ on Monday.

Sorry for the inconveniences related to these few days of delay. Our expectation is funds within a few days. I will send out another e-mail within 15 minutes of viewing ‘the tracking confirmation document’ which shows wire-out and wire-in details of funds to be received into my Escrow account.

Most Sincerely,

Robert F. (Bob) Camacho, CPA
Managing Director
Integrity CPA Services
330 Franklin Road, Suite 135A-388
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
(615) 221-0083 Bus.
(888) 770-3202 Fax.
(615) 533-2574 Cell

Anonymous said...

Camacho is the one to go after, as a CPA he should have had some sort of insurance. Chase him straight to HELL. He and Marshall should be sharing a cell. His willingness to put CPA after his name and then name his firm Integrity is disgusting. He gave creditability to both Marshall and John Harris, whoever that guy really is.