Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hunt For Steven Gagnon

It's a hot summer..
We have received several emails from attorneys and the like looking to find Steven Gagnon
He is believed to be in California but the addresses he uses are fakes and there are legal papers waiting for him to be served
As the blog was able to reveal where Marshall Carson was hiding so the Feds could pick him up in hiding in Indiana we are counting on the same blog readers to reel this fish in.
Perhaps someone who is waiting on money from his latest deal he is working on who is tired of hearing the money is coming tomorrow 
Help victims give Steve Gagnon the justice he deserves by helping get him served with legal documents so he can be held accountable for his conduct
As with the people who turned Carson in your emails will also be held confidential


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Steven is still promising to pay back people he made a deal with. He blames Tony for all the bad deals with racing. These guys are scammers all the time.