Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Released January 8, 2013 Freddie Marshall Carson Court Transcripts

Click Here to Read the January 8, 2013 Hearing


Anonymous said...

In a earlier post there was a newspaper article quoting Marshall's attorney at the sentencing hearing and he stated that over 300K had been paid back yet it does not appear to be in the transcript. Anyone know if he ever paid anyone back?

Anyone have access to the Presentence report they can share?

Anyone know where Vijay, Tony and Camacho are now? John Harris(ha)?

MTPprods said...

You guys are so awesome! thank you for this board. I received an email from someone this am stating he invested thousands in our movie project through Marshall and Bob C!!! NONE OF WHICH made it to my company, causing a nightmare on set the summer of 2011. Thankfully we prevailed, but not without suffering beyond that which is already typical to independent film---- the information shared on this board is so valuable -- I want so badly to take this people down as I am INCENSED that they used MY project to STEAL from others and hurt people. Please let me know how I can help or if I can be part of a class action suit , etc. mark@mtpprods.com